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My Adventures in Spain
Chronicles of the adventures of Emerson Silva, Mechanical Engineering student at Carnegie Mellon, as he studies abroad in Madrid, Spain this Spring 2014.
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Mi familia espanola. Couldn't have asked for a better one. 

Our first meeting.
So there we are. One hundred or so Americans in the lobby of a hotel room anxiously waitin...
This is the view of the lake at the parquet el retiro. It's right by where I live and it's where I've been running. It's huge, central park kind of deal. You will never do the same running route.
Finally found a sitio to play futbol de sala with the locals. Brings back good memories from a Pracinha da Rua de Herval in Brazil. Same kind of system... five versus five, team that scores two goals ...
This weekend we visited Valencia. Beaches, architecture, castles, orchata and the famous paella. Hmmm
This week I visited the Museo Del Prado.  History. There is so much of it captured in each painting displayed. But its history portrayed in the most beautiful of ways. Portals into moments in time, fe...
I arrived! No problems during my flight except for the fact that the airplane was old - a Boeing 757 - so there wasn't any in-flight entertainment nor much space to sleep.
The IES team was at the ...
On the 30th I leave the US to visit family in Brazil. Then I fly back to NYC on January 12th to take a plane to Madrid, Spain.

My adventure begins on January 13th...