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Museo Del Prado
This week I visited the Museo Del Prado.  History. There is so much of it captured in each painting displayed. But its history portrayed in the most beautiful of ways. Portals into moments in time, feelings and thoughts. The Prado collection is in the millions. Most of the paintings are locked away while others tour the world- there just isn't enough space.

My favorite (from what I had time to see) was Las Meninas by Velazquez. In it Velazquez portrays la infanta Margaret Theresa surrounded by her Corte. You can't help but feel like something is missing within the setting. Like an unfinished circle. Its almost perfect. But you're wrong, it couldn't be more perfect. You realize you, the observer, complete the setting. For a brief moment in time Velazquez anoints you as a member of the Spanish royal family. We're equal. Is he painting us? the king and queen? You've got to figure that one out for yourself.