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So my Spanish padre is a hunter...
Mi familia espanola. Couldn't have asked for a better one. 

Our first meeting.
So there we are. One hundred or so Americans in the lobby of a hotel room anxiously waiting to hear Angelo call our names out one by one. One by one. It would be our first encounter with our Senora. We've been told that most of the Senoras are in their fifties or sixties, are widows or have never been married. Rumors circulated about Senoras who locked up their exchange students during weekends or about Senoras who didn't know how to cook. No one wanted to be the one kid who needed to ask for a house switch after their first week. No one wanted to eat pizza for 6 months.
The Senoras were all waiting in a room across the hall and they seemed to know each other. There was definitively some sort of hierarchy. Some Senoras have hosted students for more than 10 years. Those were definitively the Alpha-Senoras. After introductions were made, it seemed like each Senora would show off their student to the others. They seemed very excited as well.
My Senora is called Maribel short for Maria Isabel. After being here for a couple of weeks there is no doubt she would have excelled as a chef in New York cooking Tortillas Espanolas, Paella, Morcillas and Patatas con Chorizos. We talk about politics, traveling, movies and soccer of course. Ahh, soccer... She has a serene vibe to her, drinks tea and is probably one of the nicest persons I have ever met. She's very, very amigable y simpatica.

She also has a beautiful familia. Mira... there's Jose (husband), Patricia (daughter, in her 30's, married, pregnant, speaks some English), Fernanda (late 30's, married, has two ninos), and Dama the 17 year old dog.

Jose is the man. Addicted to soccer, like me. Works in the aerospace industry, like I once did. And hunts, which is definitively something I plan to get good at. Dama it turns out... is a hunting dog of course.
The dots connected during cena. As we were watching some discoverychannelish program with hares and pheasants, Jose stood up - he speaks quickly, loudly and uses his hands - and started making some shooting movements and sounds. Pa pa pa. "Yo cazo". Tatata.

My Padre hunts.
Hasta luego!