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Arrival and Orientation
I arrived! No problems during my flight except for the fact that the airplane was old - a Boeing 757 - so there wasn't any in-flight entertainment nor much space to sleep.
The IES team was at the airport to greet me. To my surprise, none of them spoke English. I was forced to begin speaking the Portunol (mixture of Spanish and Portuguese) that I knew- and it worked great!

Our first week has been about orientation: getting to know the other students in the program - there is about 40 of us (engineering) - and some basic tips and facts for life in Madrid. For example, I learned that some bars and clubs don't allow personas who are wearing white socks to enter. What?!

Yesterday, we went to Segovia. Absolutely amazing. This small city is home to El Castillo of Queen Isabel and a section of El Acueducto. The aqueduct was constructed by the Romans to transport water. They did not use cement! Their engineering was phenomenal. Take a look at the pics!

Hasta luego!